1. How to license a recipe video?

You can choose a recipe video & once the License fee is paid you will get a link with a unique license key & the link to download the video. On completion of the transaction you have officially licensed the image for a single brand use.


2. What is Royalty free?

Royalty free is a type of license. Royalty-free does not mean there is no cost for the license. Instead, royalty-free means that the license fee is paid once and there is no need to pay additional royalties if the content is reused. Royalty-free content is licensed for worldwide, unlimited, perpetual use. Full license terms is given here.


3. How do I get the recipe once I pay for it?

Once the license fee is paid you will get a link with a unique license key & the link to download the video.


4. Can I change the audio?


Once you have license the video, you are free to change the audio as you please.


5. Can I cut & re-edit the videos?

You are allowed to re-edit the video & add elements as you please.


6. Can I use for TV ads?

Additional license for above the line has to be obtained for that brand.


7. Can I add my logo on the video I license?

Yes, you can.


8. Can I resell the recipe video?

You may not resell the video. Pls read the license terms for full details.


9. Can I use on Social media?

Yes you can use on social media for a single brand.


10. Can I use on my Website?

Yes, once licensed you can use on your brands website or for an agency - on the clients website.


11. Can I use on youtube?

You can use on the brands youtube page, however you may not monetize it.


12.  Can I end the contract for the plan before the end of a year?

A termination of the contract before completion of a term of a year will have a penalty of 2 months payment charged to your credit card.



Any other questions you can contact us.