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Recipes For Diwali

Gulab Jamun Recipe

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamuns are a classical indian favourite, an ideal treat at weddings and other such special occasions. Make Gulab Jamuns a part of your celebrations this Diwali, recipe is here

Rice Flakes Barfi

For those learning to cook, Rice Flakes barfi is an easy sweet recipe to begin with. Flattened rice, sugar and milk are all you need to make this delicious Barfi. Try it now

Rice Flakes Recipe
Jalebi Recipe


Jalebi, deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup is just how we like our sweets to be. You need to prepare the batter a day prior to making it. So follow our step by step recipe to make perfect Jalebis.

Besan Ladoo

This tasty indian sweet, made of gram flour and sugar is a common feature at traditional festivals, and celebrations. Make it at home this Diwali. Recipe is here

Besan Ladoo Recipe
Almond Pista Kulfi Recipe

Almond Pista Kulfi

Ice creams are approved by everyone and this Indian ice cream called as Kulfi surpasses all others. Made from Almonds and Pistachios this kulfi is a must try. Click here to make your kids happy this Diwali.

Semolina Dessert

A quick and easy, delicious semolina pudding that is loved by all Top it with nuts to make it nice and crunchy

Semolina Dessert Recipe

What are your favourite Diwali recipes? Comment below.

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