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Tiramisu Recipe (#LC14065): A popular coffee-flavoured Italian dessert renowned for being a classic after-meal treat.

Prep Time : 30 Min
Cooking Time : 10 Min
Resting Time : 8 Hours

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Gelatine Sheet

2 Number

Egg yolk

6 Number


150 Grams

Whipping cream

300 Milliliter

Vanilla essence

7 Teaspoon

Mascarpone cheese

250 Grams

Espresso Coffee

1 Tablespoon


As required

Lady finger biscuit

1 Packet

Cocoa powder

As required

for Dusting

How to make tiramisu recipe?

1. The ingredients quantity can be set as per your serving requirement under Change Serving. We recommend you set it prior to the start.

2. Soak the Gelatine in a water.

3. In a mixing bowl mix egg yolk and the sugar.

4. Whisk until creamy and smooth on a double boiler.

5. Add the gelatine to the egg mixture & continue whisking until gelatin is dissolved. Remove from double boiler and set aside to cool fully.

6. In another bowl pour the whipping cream, sugar & vanilla essence.

7. Beat the cream till the cream turns stiff. Set aside.

8. In another new mixing bowl add the mascarpone cheese and the egg mixture (which is cooled fully) & whisk until smooth.

9. Add the whipped cream prepared earlier to the mascarpone and egg yolk mixture.

10. Fold in carefully, taking care that volume is not lost and set aside.

11. In a small bowl prepare espresso liquid by mixing the the coffee with water.

12. To assemble: Use a loose base square tin. Soak lightly the biscuit in espresso and line the bottom dish. ( The biscuit absorbs liquid very fast and too much of it will make it soggy. To have some crunchiness a light dip on both sides is good).

13. Pour half the tiramisu mixture over it and spread evenly.

14. Sprinkle cocoa powder using a sieve.

15. Repeat for 1 more layer with biscuit and tiramisu cream.

16. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for 6-8 hours.

17. Dust the top with cocoa powder or use desired stencil to dust with cocoa powder.

18. Using a knife separate the edge from the tin and remove from container.

19. Cut the into rectangular pieces.

20. Serve on to plate.

21. Decorate with some berries.

22. Enjoy!


Baking tin - Loose base - square


Bowl - Small

Mixing Bowl

Sauce pan


Spatula -Rubber



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