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Courses : Lunch Recipes

  • Prepare sumptuous midday meals with Look and Cook’s lunch recipes!

    Lunch is culturally recognized as the main meal in the daily lives of millions of people around the world. Eating a well-balanced lunch provides numerous benefits, such as the following:

    Increases your sugar levels during the midday when your focus and concentration are starting to falter
    Boosts your energy and gives you ‘second wind’ for the remaining work hours of the day
    Prevents your body from starving throughout extended periods and keeps your metabolism at an ‘active’ level
    Contributes significantly to your nutritional intake for the day

    However, there are times when we feel like we are too busy to fix up a decent lunch at home before we head off to work. This is detrimental to our health, as we miss out on the benefits of taking lunch regularly. Here at Look and Cook, we believe that you don’t have to sacrifice your health in favor of saving time. You can easily prepare a decent lunch meal in more or less 30 minutes with the help of the right lunch recipes, and you can even share it with your colleagues at the office!

    With our Fatayer Recipe, you can re-create this wildly popular Arabic pastry in just 27 minutes, and fill it with your choice of rich and creamy zatar cheese, or if you want to go vegan, some spinach. Being one of our Arabic lunch recipes, it would be a great addition to any Arabic cuisine as a ‘finger food’ kind of appetizer.

    Among our lunch recipes, we also have our Kadhi Pakora Recipe, a concoction hailing from India. This exotic yogurt-based delicacy is a spicy dish that features thick, creamy gravy and vegetable critters that is often consumed along with some boiled rice or roti. If you want to add flavor to the dish, you can also add mustard seeds, cumin, and fenugreek to your creation. The best part? You can do this in just 35 minutes!

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