Healthy Breakfast Ideas for your busy mornings

Looking for power packed breakfast to prep you up for the day? Wake up to a tasty and nutritious breakfast whether it’s a high-protein egg muffin and pancake or the traditional healthy upma and Punjabi paratha to fuel you through the morning! Though mornings are hectic, it’s very common to skip the morning meal. Whereas, for a few, it’s usually the breakfast-on-the-go, a fast breakfast can still be healthy! Perhaps, it’s the most important meal of the day, so why not eat a healthy one! 

Tuna Tuesday Sandwich

Tuna lovers! Here’s your ultimate sandwich.  Perfect for Tuesday mornings, this Tuna sandwich is simply delish! Full of flavors, tuna is blended with heaps of mayonnaise, olives and fresh tomatoes. Sprinkle some fresh herbs and add in your favorite veggies to get a crunch. Top it with a fluffy bread slice and dig in. YUM!

Tuna Tuesday Sandwich Recipe

Vermicelli Upma 

Vermicelli Upma, a superb way to pep up your day! No matter where you go in India, upma is An old time favorite breakfast and using vermicelli is the most delicious version of it. Sweet and savory, tomatoes add a tangy flavor. Serve with coconut chutney and a cup of hot coffee, something you deserve every morning!

Vermicelli Upma Recipe

Stuffed Paneer Paratha 

Butter laced stuffed paneer paratha is just heaven for true paratha lovers. And if it’s made in Punjabi style, nothing could be as satiating and comforting as this.  Stuffed with crumbled cottage cheese flavored with fresh coriander, chilli and spices, the paratha is shallow fried to golden brown. Serve with curd, pickles or chutney.

Stuffed Paneer Paratha Recipe

Potato & Sweet Potato Chaat

Craving for some chaat at early mornings? Try this potato & sweet potato chaat, sure to satisfy those hunger pangs. A tangy and sweet chaat made with potatoes, sweet potatoes and black chickpeas mingled in tamarind chutney, topped with a melange of spices and lime juice. It will tantalize your taste buds, making you craving for more. Super easy and quick to make, this North-Indian recipe is absolutely delicious and leaves a lingering flavor in your mouth.

Potato & Sweet Potato Chaat Recipe

Moong Dal Pancake

This mini pancake looks tempting with light greenish color, speckled with flakes of cottage cheese and spiced with green chillies and ginger, garlic. Call it cheela or dosa, it is an easy-to-make breakfast. Made of ground yellow lentils, it counts high on proteins, perfect for a healthy breakfast. Serve with tomato or green chutney.

Moong Dal Pancake Recipe