5 Kitchen Must-Haves.

1. A sharp knife

A sharp knife enables you to cut, slice and chop vegetables and other food items into clean and smooth pieces and prevents the vegetables to turn into a pulp, from using a blunt knife.

2. Chopping board

When you have a sharp knife another item you require is a chopping board. Chopping vegetables and other raw food items can get messy if placed on countertops or plates. Cutting boards prove as a convenient platform, for chopping and cutting purposes, without being extremely messy.

3. Non-stick cooking pan

A non-stick cooking pan ensures that even the runniest of batters comes right off, which otherwise would have been quite difficult to get off an iron skillet.

4. Spice Rack

The rack not only gives you an organized single place for all your spices but also saves the time you spend searching for them on your shelves and cabinets. 

5. Strainer

Keeping strainers in hand, can prove to be quite effective. By using a strainer, you can drain out the excess water from your pasta or rice, and even collect the bones and vegetables from a stock you have prepared effortlessly.

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