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Popular Rice Recipes of India

Tomato Rice Recipe, Indian One Pot Meals, Indian One Pot Recipes

Tomato Rice

A popular South Indian recipe that is made with fresh tomatoes. An ideal a lunch box recipe or a one pot meal. Add fresh veggies of your choice to make it more nutritional. Learn how to make Tomato Rice here

Spinach Rice

Spinach may not be the most popular vegetable out there but this Spinach Rice recipe is exceptionally good if you want to include greens in your diet.

Spinach Rice Recipe
Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani Recipe

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

The list of popular rice recipes is incomplete without Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. It’s a melting pot of spices that blends in beautifully with the rice and meat.

Jeera Rice

A twist to the ordinary boiled rice, Jeera rice has cumin seeds and whole spices for flavour. Serve this with our Dal Makhani.

Jeera Rice Recipe
Vegetable Biryani Recipe

Vegetable Biryani Rice

A wholesome meal, Vegetable Biryani rice is a one pot recipe that is easy to make. The spices added are the highlight of this recipe. Add as many fresh veggies as possible to make it more colourful adn nutritional.


A typical comfort food, Khichdi is made from rice and moongdal. Serve it with pickle or raita.

Khichdi Recipe, Indian One Pot Meals, Indian One Pot Recipes
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