Following recipes that are out there is not an easy task. Each one is written, formatted & presented in a different way. Our mission is to help you cook easily, making following any recipe simple. Look and Cook is recipe platform where you can cook with any recipe. The site is built to guide you step by step as you cook along, just like your personal guide. Needless to say you can set your serving size, add notes, see ingredients with pictures. Basically making following the recipe simple & easy - we simplify recipes.

If you are a food blogger who creates recipe videos & want to have your recipes on LookandCook.com get in touch. If you have used the site & want to let us know of how we can make the cooking experience better feel free to message us. Happy Cooking. today's career woman, cooking is often more of a challenge than writing a business plan. She ventures in to marriage without having ever stepped into the kitchen. Her partner is equally clueless on how to put a wholesome meal on the table.